Friday, August 29, 2014


        Here is my bedroom. In my bedroom I have lots of things, but these are my favorite. I have an orange and white ’75 GTO baseball cap. My older brother, David, gave it to me when I was little. On the front of the hat there’s a sewn picture of a ’75 GTO, it’s worn down from me wearing it, and it doesn’t fit me anymore. Sometimes I try to get my little nephew to wear it, but he doesn't like to wear hats a whole lot. I also have a desk my dad made me to do homework on. The wood is kind of a really dark Red. My name is torched into the inside of the part that flips up so I can get inside it. I keep my favorite books in it. I have a Crosman Quest 1000 pellet gun, my mom helped me buy. Its a really bright brown. It’s a break barrel pellet gun. I have a Tasco 4x40 scope on it.

I have a picture of my dad when he was about 10 years old. My dad had his head buzzed when he took the picture. He was wearing an orange, blue, and grey plaid shirt. The picture was a little smaller than the pictures we took in our school. I have a shark poster my mom got for me when I was little. It has a great white white shark breaching the water, its gums were bleeding. The word “SHARK!” is written on top of the poster. I also have a wooden pike my dad made me. It is green and has white stripes. It’s missing a fin because my nephew knocked it off somewhere. My nephew loves it, it’s his favorite in the whole house, and if he sees it he has to play with it. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014