Friday, October 31, 2014

Legendary Jay

Have you ever heard of Jay, the legendary ghost of OHS? He was just a normal 15 year old kid that walked around and did his homework on time. One night he came to school on Halloween night with his friends, when one of them thought it would be funny to push him off the balcony.
         Jay, as a ghost, is like a black fog that looks like smoke from a wet fire. Since he died in a Halloween suit he was stuck in it forever as a ghost. His face, and head, is covered with the mask and his eyes are really dialated. The only feature on his face you can see is the giant scar across the left side of his face and through his left eye. He looks like a creature, because of his costume, it has giant wings stretching from his back. He is about 6ft. tall and smells like a dead body. He makes screeching screams, and cries.

         Jay now has lost almost all of the fun in his personality, all that we see now is sadness, protectiveness, and he seems to have a lot of regrets. At night, Jay yelps “Help!” and “No!” Then, in the morning before he knows anyone is there he yells, “Don’t hurt him!” and “Why?”  He always hides from the children, but whenever someone goes to harm an other, he stops them and dissipates into mid-air after stopping them from hurting someone. “He is a protector, that’s what I call him.”

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hogwarts halloween feast

As I, Dominic, walked into the great hall I saw billions of bats, blood, and corpses hanging, and dripping from the walls. Creepy creatures crawling all over the walls and floors with a grey and black tone of skin with teeth (teeth (fangs) as long as pencils. The ceiling was flashing with lightning and the sound of thunder was defining. There were floating jack-o’-lanterns with the faces of demons and creatures that you would only think about in the worst of the world’s time.
         Then, I noticed the most amazing part, the food. There were  mountains  of mashed potatoes, piles of bacon cheeseburgers and everything I would ever want to eat. There were prime ribs placed on every plate covered in BBQ. I saw roast beef covered in gravy and every slice was the most tender slice, each one better than the last. The coolest things on the tables were the stone dragons heads peeking out of the tables spitting Cherry Dr. Pepper into glasses.

         There were also very exciting games and activities I hadn’t played since I was a small child. Every game piece was sharp and grainy. You had to be really careful in order to keep yourself from getting cut on the hands.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rhyme

"The rose is red..."

The rose is scarlet,

The violet's sapphire;

Pinks are melodious,

And so are you!