Friday, April 17, 2015


    My mom inspires me to do a lot of things, and keeps me from making bad decisions with warnings. She tells me about things that keep me from ruining my life or someone else’s.
    My mom is a great artist so now I’m trying to draw more and more. She drew since she was in kindergarten, but started putting time into during the fifth grade. She was inspired by her brother Rick and her friend Trista. She wanted to be as good as them. Her goal was to draw her mom and dad’s wedding.
    Her first car was a 66’ Mustang. She and her dad got in an argument about driving to school, so she ended up driving a different car that barely ran. I asked her what she thought was her worst wreck, she replied with a wreck that didn't cause much damage to the car but she remembers when she rear-ended a car at a construction site my sisters started screaming and crying.
    She has never traveled out of the U.S but she’s been to every state west of here, O’NeillNE. She's been to very few states east of here. She's always wanted to go to Venice, Italy. She always tells me and my brother that we have to take her there.
    My mom is a great inspiration to me and I look up to her. I don't want my life to end up like hers, not to be mean. I want me to use all her advice so that my life ends up better.

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