Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

The Bahamas are beautiful islands located in the West Indies. They have many activities like diving, or walking on beautiful white sand beaches by the crystal clear waters.
    The history of the Bahamas is associated with the history of America. First, Lucayo Indians lived there, but in 1492 Christopher Columbus landed at what is known as today, San Salvador. Most of the new colonists were African-Americans that came down after the Revolutionary War. 4/5th of the population live on only 2 of the 20 inhabited islands. Pirates used the Bahamas as a base and when the Bahamas wanted independence from Britain the pirates raided british settlements. From the Civil War era to the mid 1900s the Bahamas went into economic decline. Then tourism became they’re main source of economy and raised the Bahamas’ money level.
    The dining there is based off of seafood, as you can guess. They have lots of foods like Rock Lobster or Peas n’ Rice. A lot of dishes are served with rice or pigeon peas. If you are a seafood fanatic the Bahamas is a great place to eat.
    Diving in The Bahamas, an unforgettable experience. You can explore sunken Spanish Galleons, reefs, and even underwater caves. The diving provides an epic view of marine life, with visibility of 200ft in the water, you could even take a look at things like sharks. There is a huge variety of fish to see in this sea. There are even island blue holes or deep underwater tunnels in islands. There is even a deep drop-off of a coral wall, and a water temperature of 80 degrees year-round.
    The Bahamas are beautiful, and will be a life changing experience for anybody. You could even go to almost untouched islands and imagine yourself as an explorer in the past. There are so many exciting, and exhilarating things to do in the Bahamas but that’s for you to decide what they are.

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